Deen, Twenty-One.
Sydney, Australia

Theres something about the second gif that I can’t and haven’t survived. 

Everyone’s watching the livestreams and I’m just sitting here enjoying the liveblogging going on from it. The iCarly and SNL commentary in this fandom is fucking golden.

I think this has been the greatest day in tumblr history.

I was never going to reblog this picture because, I dunno, it just didnt strike me, until I noticed the incredible feels I got when I saw the Royal Couple cuddling like that couple in group photos. You know the one I’m talking about? When there’s a group of friends at a party and they all strike together for a photo and you look back in a few years and you’re like Ohhhh, those guys were togetherrrrrr.

I knew there was a reason she was my favourite character. She’s my spirit animal, that’s why.