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Louis vs. Rebecca Ferguson Analysis

Okay, let me start off by saying this was an awful turn of events and I feel so bad for everyone involved. 

As many of you may have seen by now, Rebecca Ferguson went on a twitter tirade against Modest Management earlier on the 13/14th of July - the same management as One Direction. She was lashing out against poor treatment, being forced to work to actual collapse and being denied the right to see her children. 

She said they gave her a can of coke and told her to ‘go and do your interview’ after a collapse. I immediately thought to myself… In all of the recent pre and post interview photos, I’m always seeing Liam with a can of coke. Now, this is definitely me just reaching too far with an analysis, but I’d like to make the point — Liam has one kidney, that makes him highly vulnerable to conditions like diabetes and other blood illnesses. The reason he doesn’t drink alcohol is because he only has one kidney, the reason he’s so keen to stay healthy is because he only has one kidney - he has to keep a close eye on himself. I don’t know, it’s just a nice coincidence to me. 

See what I’m saying? But, like I said - it’s farfetched, I just thought it prudent to point it out before I analysed the actual conversation. Connections, no matter how small, should never be overlooked. 

After Rebecca’s rant, Louis jumped on his twitter and said this to her:

I am the first person to jump at Louis’ throat and abuse the bastard for being the asshole that he is - but this time, I just don’t feel it. This was far too easy for management to slip in and take advantage of.

Louis is ‘the rude one’, ‘the sassy one’. He’s copped the most hate out of all the boys throughout his short career and he, in my opinion, has the most to lose in defying management. If he really is gay and doesn’t want to come out, and/or management doesn’t want him to come out, it’s things like this that he would need to put up with in order to guarantee their protection.

As much as I’d like to say Louis is awful enough to say this, I couldn’t. For Louis, family is so important. He, more than anyone in One Direction, knows what family means, knows what young kids need and knows just how hard it is being a star away from younger family members. He’s also not stupid, so he could easily extrapolate the desperate homesickness he feels for his younger sisters into the feeling a mother would have for her babies. He just wouldn’t say what he said. Especially if she is claiming to have collapsed from exhaustion: Louis is a nice guy deep down, he cares - and that was a careless tweet. It was not him.

If I was Rebecca, I would have blasted Louis for being such an asshole. But she knew, something about her response is far too supportive and genuine to actually be genuinely aimed at Louis. It’s like she is well aware who exactly is tweeting, and is sending back a response they cannot use against her. Bravo, Rebecca. You just saved Louis thousands of hate tweets (even though he did and is getting thousands more)

We then moved to Louis having a rant an hour later;

Now, I’m not going to speculate who this is, because I don’t know. What I do know is that this is class A damage control. Textbook responses spewed out of Louis’ twitter everytime he gets an influx of hatred. ‘Hard hard work’ is obviously aimed at Rebecca, though not by name - but he is still trying to calm the water. It pisses me off that this time it wasn’t even his fault; Modest Management let him take a bullet for their reputation - assassinating his, once again.

I came across these direct messages between a follower and Louis soon after the issue arose, all the necessary credits and links, as well as the whole conversation, are here (x)

Louis’ cruelty continues in these direct messages, and he apparently shows a wild disregard for Rebecca Ferguson’s well-being. Highly unlike Louis. He might be a sassy bitch, but he would always make sure she is physically and emotionally okay before he supported his management - if he ever willingly chooses to do so.

Short, sweet bitter and to the point.


Now, Louis went on another round of damage control by asking everyone how they are and replying to numerous messages from people who replied to his hello tweet, followed soon by charity mentions and supports. This reply however, was sent just before his ‘how is everyone ?’ and was to a tweet two hours before. Let’s try to be a little coy, okay management? Let’s not rifle through Louis’ mentions and find one that is satisfactory and try to shoot it down.

Strikingly similar situation to the ‘you’re deluded’ tweets from Eleanor, no? 

I smelt the foul stench of management then and I smell it again now.

Don’t hate on Louis, he’s probably just as hurt as you are.

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