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Hiiii! Yes I’m still alive so you all still need to love me!

I leave for a couple months and everyone abandons me!

tagged as: #LOVE ME AGAIN!!!

Whoa guys hey how you all going?

Int: I read that the song ‘Diana’ was named ‘Joanna’. [similar to Louis’ mom’s name] It could have been the most famous mom of the world- my mom would have cried for that.

Hi guys! Lily and I are well into our teaching now and were having such a great time! She has a huge class of 67 and I’ve got 52, so it’s a challenge but were doing our best and miss you all a lot! Talk soon!

Lily and I are where we live for the next month as of today. We’re having fun!


just chilling in africa NO BIGGIE

Bout to board the plane! Bye guys you’re all cuties!

I’m literally just about to leave for the airport to meet lily in dubai and then we’re off to africaaaa!!!!